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  • Outside perspectives
    I have always been intrigued by different cultures, and how people around the world live. Additionally, I’ve always been interested in how their lives are different than mine. Therefore, I was beyond excited when my English teacher announced we’d get a visitor from the US. The visitor came and talked to us aboutFortsett å lese «Outside perspectives»
  • Friendly reminder
    All right, so recently, my class and I were assigned a blog post to explain the situation going on in Russia and Ukraine. And naturally, like most teenagers, I put it off for a while. Then recently, as you might have noticed, things have escalated. So, instead of telling you about the situation,Fortsett å lese «Friendly reminder»
  • Hello, new year
    While I spent my New Years Eve taking pictures of my mom writing 2022 with a sparkler, others spent their night reflecting on the past year. Some even spent their time trying to predict what the future year will bring. Both of these people are represented in two videos made by DW News,Fortsett å lese «Hello, new year»
  • Americas gun craze
    Hello again, blog. After a short hiatus from the blogs, my class and I have once again been asked to write a blog post. And of course, this post is once again about a controversial topic. Because what is a discussion without some controversial opinions/topics! This time, we’ll discuss guns! And more specifically,Fortsett å lese «Americas gun craze«
  • COP26, or FLOP26? 
    During the span of two weeks starting October 31st and ending November 13th, parties from all around the world met in Glasgow to discuss the future of our globe’s climate and rapidly increasing temperatures. The “Conference of Parties” or COP had their 26th meeting, giving this gathering the nickname COP26.  What did they agree on? As of now, the goals that have been released seem vague, something which hasFortsett å lese «COP26, or FLOP26? «

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